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Economic Development Organizations
These organizations offer resources for starting a business, relocating your business, obtaining business licenses and permits, and information on job resources and labor law. They also feature information about business advisory services, business training, networking organizations, local economic development, business advisory and financial and regulatory assistance.

Ball State University -- Center for Business and Economic Research

The Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) is an economic policy and forecasting research center at Ball State University. CBER research covers topics including public finance, regional economics, manufacturing, transportation, and energy sector studies.

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Indiana Chamber of Commerce

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce works on behalf of members and constituents to improve Indiana's world-competitive business climate and maximize employment opportunities for Indiana citizens. The Chamber advances thoughtful legislation and public policy, and serving as the convenient source of reliable business information for our members and constituents.

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The Indiana Economic Development Association (IEDA)

The Indiana Economic Development Association provides continuity to statewide community development efforts. The IEDA was incorporated in 1982 as a statewide not-for-profit economic development organization. It now has 405 members representing local economic development organizations, agencies, corporations, congressional staff, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, and utilities.

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Indiana University-Indiana Business Research Center (IBRC)

The IBRC provides the economic information needed by Indiana's businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations, as well as users of such information throughout the nation.

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INzone is the non-profit organization that administers the federal Foreign-Trade Zone program throughout forty-one counties in Central Indiana. If your business is or will be importing and would like to delay, reduce, or eliminate import taxes and fees, you might consider using a foreign trade zone or operating your very own.

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Local Economic Development Organizations (LEDO) 

Indiana Local Economic Development Organizations and the IEDC work together to attract, retain and expand businesses in Indiana. The LEDOs represent communities around the state and promote the local economic issues to help businesses succeed.

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Regional Economic Development Organizations (REDO)

Indiana is a collection of regional economies with differing strengths and capabilities. Several groups across the state have formed regional economic development organizations to pool strategies to spur economic growth.

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