Indiana Economic Development Foundation

Indiana Economic Development Foundation


Leading international corporations. Thriving small businesses. A highly-skilled workforce. World-class communities. Economic development is the catalyst that turns our shared vision of Indiana’s future into a reality. But there is intense competition between the states to attract businesses and investors.

As an independently-funded, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the IED Foundation brings contributors of any size together to support the IEDC as they demonstrate Indiana’s potential to innovators, business leaders and policy makers around the world.


Are you ready to play an active role in Indiana’s economic future?

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The IED Foundation is built on the belief that every donor plays an important role in supporting IEDC. Our diverse range of members includes inspired individuals and corporate partners alike, brought together by a shared vision  to help Indiana maintain a strong global presence. As an IED Foundation member, you’ll be the first to know about  IEDC investment initiatives and have access to a vetted network of like-minded individuals who share your passion  for a thriving Hoosier economy.

Trustee Level

Your investment provides the power behind the major initiatives that elevate Indiana’s status nationally and even globally.

Partner Level

As a Partner Level donor, your investment builds the deep pool of resources that IEDC relies on to confidently support partnerships and drive initiatives.

Supporter Level

Supporter Level donors generate the funds that fuel many of IEDC’s ongoing initiatives, programs and daily operations.

Patron Level

Through their contributions, Patron Level donors have a voice in the direction of our state, showing their support for the initiatives that are important to  their community.


The Foundation’s fundraising efforts are separate and distinct from the IEDC’s incentive programs, which are funded by the State. The decision by a company to make a donation, or to not make a donation, to the Foundation will be given no consideration whatsoever by the IEDC should that company ever apply for economic incentives.