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Indiana Advantages

Take your business to the
NEXT LEVEL in a state that works.


Indiana’s infrastructure ranks second in the nation according to CNBC’s Ranking of America’s Top States for Business 2017.


Indiana’s regulatory structures rank best and least burdensome in a recent study done by the Pacific Research Institute. (2015)


Indiana’s Bond Rating has been ranked at AAA according to Standard & Poor’s, Fitch and Moody’s Credit Rating.

Cost of Doing Business

Cost of Doing Business

CNBC's Ranking of America's Top
States for Business 2017

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Indiana is #1 for total state share of manufacturing employment, and we’re the only location in the U.S. with assembly plants for Honda, Subaru and Toyota inside a single state. 


Top Tax Climate

At a time when other states are raising taxes to keep up with mounting state debt, Indiana’s long history of smart fiscal choices, balanced state budgets and cash reserves in a rainy day fund puts the Hoosier State in a position to actually lower taxes. Indiana’s corporate income tax rate is steadily decreasing each year, from the current 6.5% to 4.9% by 2021. 

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Best State Tax Climate Index

Tax cuts scheduled
every year through 2021.


Fiscally Attractive

We’ve spent years adopting sound fiscal policies in Indiana, and today we’re one of only a handful of U.S. states with a AAA credit rating and an actual budget surplus. We’re lowering business taxes this year, next year, and every year after that through 2021. We’re one of the top states for regulatory freedom, and we’re defining a new standard of opportunity for businesses to reach their full potential.

The bottom line is we’re building economic strength and momentum, and it’s propelling us on a trajectory toward growth and prosperity. Where do we go from here? You tell us, and we’ll get started laying the groundwork to help your business grow in Indiana.

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Workers' Comp Premium Rate Rank


On February 1, 2012 Indiana became the 23rd state in the nation and the first state in the industrial Midwest to pass right-to-work legislation.  

A State that Works

Indiana is a state that works because it’s about more than just good business sense. It’s about building something that will last. It’s about the freedom to set our own terms. It’s about the place we call home. 

We draw our strength from vibrant cities and towns, beautiful state parks and trails, a bold history of sport and culture, and some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet who are delivering craft, passion and brilliance to Indiana.

Together we’re building something amazing that we can pass on to the next generation of Hoosiers. We’re managing our resources, paying our bills and investing in our future. Most importantly, we remember how we got here, what we want, and why we plan on staying in a state that works.



Indiana is making smart financial choices to keep costs low, eliminate debt, maintain a balanced budget and pass the savings of efficient government on to Hoosier taxpayers.

Indiana 1st in number of pass-through highways