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Expanding to a new country comes with a unique set opportunities and challenges, and we are prepared to help you seamlessly integrate into Indiana's dynamic business environment, which is positioned near the logistical center of the United States.

As host to hundreds of global companies, Indiana is already a nexus of the world's most innovative businesses. We have business development offices throughout Europe and Asia and through our experts, companies have direct points of contact in English, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese. We are ready and equipped to help you expand your US footprint and customer base.

Indiana's highly ranked regulatory environment, strong business infrastructure, and low corporate income tax rate make the state welcoming to new or expanding businesses. You can count on a smooth, hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Your move to Indiana is only the beginning of our journey together as we are committed to your long-term success!


1,050+ foreign-based business in Indiana


214,000 Indiana Jobs Supported


Over $13.7B committed in foreign-owned direct investment since 2017

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Questions about International Business in Indiana?

Contact one of our international business development experts nearest you, and let us help you bring your biggest, most ambitious ideas to life with the resources and expertise available in Indiana to play a defining role in the world's future.

contact-iconIEDC North America - Indiana

Andrea Richter-Garry
Andrea Richter-Garry,
Senior Vice President, Global Strategy and Engagement


contact-iconIEDC North America - Indiana

April Fisher
April Fisher,
Vice President, Global Markets


contact-iconIEDC Europe - Germany Office

Jan Wiedemann
Jan Wiedemann,
Director, Europe

contact-iconIEDC Europe - UK & Ireland Office

Stephen Bridges
Stephen Bridges,
Director, UK & Ireland Office

contact-iconIEDC Asia - Japan Office

Paul F. Roland
Paul F. Roland,
Director, Japan

contact-iconIEDC North America - Indiana

Jillian Turner
Jillian Turner,
Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships and Investments


contact-iconIEDC Europe - Italy Office

Sabrina Riccardi
Sabrina Riccardi,
Manager, Italy

contact-iconIEDC Asia - China Office

Weilin Long
Weilin Long,
Director, China

contact-iconIEDC Asia - South Korean Office

Narai Kim
Narai Kim,
Director, South Korea Office

contact-iconIEDC Asia - Israel Office

Elad Schnarch
Elad Schnarch,
Director, Israel