Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Hoosiers Are Leading 21st Century Solutions

When 21st century problems arise, Hoosiers are there to solve them. Indiana is leading the charge to develop innovations that are changing the way the world works. Based right here in Indiana, entrepreneurs are transforming their industries, in turn creating great new jobs for highly-skilled Hoosiers across the state.

To continue the momentum, Governor Eric J. Holcomb has committed to making Indiana a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Through the strategic partnerships this investment will create, Indiana will become the nation’s innovation leader while strengthening long-term economic growth, job creation and talent attraction.

Being Bold

What does it mean to be a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship?

It means focusing on people and the culture that supports their growth. It means fostering ideas and the ecosystem that helps them thrive. And it means attracting the money needed to help our people turn those ideas into reality.

  • People will find additional resources throughout Indiana to innovate, starting in schools and spanning through all stages of business development.
  • Ideas will grow with the support of universities, mentors, small business coaching and industry-led partnerships.
  • Money will flow in to support Hoosier-led startup and scale-up enterprises, and venture capitalists will find additional resources to inspire them to invest their dollars here.  
Indiana doesn’t just talk about innovation- we support it. We believe that public-private partnerships are a sound and proven way to advance economic growth and empower innovators. The IEDC innovation team is focusing our efforts on collaborative projects and public-private partnerships in the following sectors:

• Agro-science
• Advanced manufacturing
• Aerospace and aviation
• Energy and advanced materials
• Life sciences
• Smart transportation and logistics
• Technology (big data, IOT, cybersecurity)

Public-Private Partnership Program

Companies working in the above sectors are encouraged to consider how a public-private partnership may complement and expand their current endeavors. Special consideration is given to cross-sector collaboration. 

To apply for public-private partnership support, please complete the online form below: