Innovation & Entrepreneurship

About the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative

As Indiana enters its third century, Indiana will grow as the global leader of turning big ideas into reality, attracting investment and nurturing top talent.

Through this initiative, Indiana is working to build the nation’s top environment for innovative ideas to transform into high-growth companies and industry leaders. Spearheaded by Governor Holcomb, this plan will strengthen an environment that enables big ideas to thrive in our state, foster talent that will fuel the ideas’ growth and drive investment capital to take those ideas to the market.

The initiative includes a focus on:

  • K-12 Education: Through partnerships with school programs, from an early age Hoosiers will learn about the opportunities of entrepreneurship.
  • Higher Education: Innovation and entrepreneurship programs at Indiana’s universities are being taken to the next level to advance pioneering research initiatives. This includes establishing a system for sharing best practices across Indiana’s network of public and private institutions.  It also means supporting other programs in Indiana’s robust, growing post-secondary training institutions.
  • Regional Entrepreneurial Culture: By supporting program development for co-working spaces, incubators and innovation centers, regions across our state will have the tools to help great ideas turn into new growing businesses.
  • Industry-Driven Initiatives: When Hoosier companies come together as an industry to solve shared challenges, Indiana will be there to support them, putting our state at the forefront of innovation in strategic sectors.
  • Accelerating Investments: By creating an investment-friendly environment and encouraging further investments from private investors, communities and education and research institutes, Indiana will see its number of startup firms grow and will accelerate the growth of mid-market firms.
  • Supporting Small Business: By integrating small business resources and developing new programs, all Hoosiers will have more opportunities to start or grow a business.