Innovation Development Districts

Program Purpose

As outlined in SEA 361-2022, prior to designating an IDD the IEDC is required to develop and comply with uniform policies and guidelines for notifying and collaborating with the local executive(s) of unit(s) where an IDD may be designated. This policy is intended to provide clarity with respect to that process. 

Notification & Collaboration Process

  • Prior to sending a formal offer to a company that would require the establishment of an IDD, the IEDC shall send the unit executive an e-mail notification alerting them to the possibility of an IDD designation in their community. 
  • The notification must include the following: “This notification is sent in accordance with IC 36-7-32.5 and includes an opportunity to collaborate, as specified in IC 36-7-32.5-9.”
  • As a project develops, the IEDC should take reasonable measures to collaborate with the local executive(s) and local economic development representative(s) within the geographic area covered by the proposed IDD in the normal course of IEDC negotiations with a perspective company. This may include the requirement the local representative(s) execute an IEDC drafted non-disclosure agreement. 

This policy may be modified at any time by the IEDC Board of Directors. Any modification for a particular project, if applicable, shall be clearly communicated by the IEDC to the unit executive(s) impacted by the changes with an explanation as to why such modifications were necessary for the project.

If you have any questions pertaining to the development districts, please reach out through the email address listed below: