Skills Enhancement Fund (SEF) - Workforce Training Grant


Eligible Expenses

  • Trainer’s wages

  • Trainees wages (No more than 50% of the award may be used for reimbursing trainee wages)

  • Software licenses for training programs

  • Reasonable travel expenses for employees to attend the training, including conference registration, lodging, airfare, cabs, airport parking, mileage, or rental car expenses may be eligible (no more than 30% of the award may be used for reimbursing employee travel expenses)

  • Training expenses incurred between the Commencement and Expiration Dates listed in the grant agreement

Ineligible Expenses

  • Training expenses incurred prior to the Commencement Date or after the Expiration Date

  • OSHA or other federally mandated training

  • Onboard orientation training as it relates to new hires

For more information, please download the SEF Facts.

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