Indiana Engineering Grant

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if graduates from my institution are eligible for this grant?

All Indiana public or private, non-profit, non-proprietary institutions that offer an accredited engineering program bearing 14 or 15 CIP codes are eligible to offer the Indiana Engineering Grant for Out-of-State Graduates This information is being shared directly with all 29 public and private colleges and universities eligible for these grants.

How many grants can be awarded to eligible graduates from my institution?

A minimum of two and up to 50 grants will be allocated to each eligible institution. The specific number of grants to be offered is based upon the number of engineering students that the institution typically graduates or is expected to graduate.

What is the total grant amount?

Each eligible graduate will receive $7,000 following the completion of six months of full-time employment in an engineering-related field within the state of Indiana. These funds will be distributed in two tranches: the first in December 2023 and the second in June 2024.

How will the grant funds be received?

Grant funds will be paid directly from ICI to the grant recipient upon verification of full-time employment in their engineering-related position for six months.

Will grant recipients be responsible for any taxes associated with the payment?

All tax implications associated with the receipt of the grant funds will be borne by the grant recipient. ICI will provide any required tax documentation. It will be the responsibility of the grant recipient to ensure ICI has accurate contact information for the grant recipient at all times.

Why is this grant only for out-of-state graduates?

Indiana currently faces an unprecedented statewide engineering shortage. More than half of the students studying engineering in Indiana’s colleges have come from out of state. It’s clear that there is an urgent need to increase the number of graduates from Indiana engineering programs who remain in the state.

What determines out-of-state residency?

The Indiana State Government via the Indiana Commission for Higher Education defines out-of-state residency as someone who was not a resident of the state of Indiana on or before December 31 of the year preceding the application of admission.

Can an institution obtain more than the allotted number of grants?

In addition to the base grants allocated to each institution, seven banked grants will be available to institutions that have utilized all their base grants and have identified additional eligible and interested graduates. Unused grants may also be added to the bank should any eligible institution be unable to identify eligible and interested graduates. 

Who is the point of contact for grant administration at ICI?

Jodie Ferise, JD, vice president and general counsel for ICI, will serve as the point of contact for the administration of the Indiana Engineering Grant for Out-of-State Graduates. You can contact her directly at or 317-684-4291.