Jul 17, 2023

Sec. Chambers Issues Statement on Conclusion of Two-Year Term

Indiana Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers offered the following statement regarding the conclusion of his two-year term:

“The last two years as Indiana’s secretary of commerce have been an incredible journey and even more rewarding than I could’ve imagined. I am thankful for the opportunity to work alongside the amazing team at the IEDC and Governor Eric J. Holcomb in our determined efforts to grow the Hoosier economy.

After three decades in the private sector, I showed up in July of 2021 with a passion for Indiana, a focus on shooting higher and running faster, and an aspirational 5E plan to lift Hoosiers up. As my two-year commitment comes to a close, I believe we all can say we are proud of what we’ve accomplished these last 24 months. We have delivered historic results and unprecedented statewide distribution of capital investment, impressive increases in wage growth, an energized entrepreneurial ecosystem, the country’s most exciting new megasite – the LEAP Innovation and Research District – and a top workplace environment. Over that same time, we positioned Indiana as a leader in the energy transition, added new industry sectors, and conveyed to the world that Indiana is for winners and is winning in the global economy.

 While there is more work yet to do, I am proud to depart this chapter of public service, leaving behind an overflowing pipeline of future-focused, high-wage industries exceeding $100 billion in potential capital investments, and I’m confident that after my August 6 departure, the team at the IEDC can and will continue the progress of the last two years unabated.”