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Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit (HQRTC)


Headquarters is defined as the building or buildings where one or more of the following are located:

  • The principal offices of the principal executive officers of an eligible business

  • The principal offices of a division or similar subdivision of an eligible business

  • A research and development center of an eligible business

An “eligible business” is one that:

  • Is engaged in either interstate or intrastate commerce

  • Maintains a corporate headquarters at a location outside Indiana

  • Has not previously maintained a corporate headquarters at a location in Indiana

  • Had annual worldwide revenues of at least $50 million for the taxable year immediately preceding the business’s application for this tax credit

  • Commits contractually to relocating its corporate headquarters to Indiana

  • Company must employ at least 75 employees in Indiana

Calculation of Credit

The credit is up to 50 percent of a corporation’s approved costs of relocating its headquarters to Indiana, as determined by the IEDC. A nine year carry forward applies to any unused part of the credit. Eligible relocation costs include:

  • Moving costs and related expenses

  • The purchase of new or replacement equipment

  • Capital investment costs

  • Property assembly and development costs including:

    • The purchase, lease, or construction of buildings and land

    • Infrastructure improvements

    • Site development costs

Does not include any costs that do not directly result from the relocation of the business to a location in Indiana.

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