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Alberto's Story

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Alberto hits all the right notes with the Sweetwater Sound.

Whether he’s helping customers or performing on stage, Alberto Rosado-Perez is focused on creating positive, memorable experiences for everyone he meets. As a sales engineer at Sweetwater Sound, his customers range from the common consumer to the Grammy-winning professional musician. And as a musician himself, Alberto brings his passion to work every day.

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"Being a musician helps me connect with my customers,” said Alberto. “I understand their aspirations and the challenges of making music. It lets me express myself in ways I wouldn’t be able to do any other way."

Sweetwater Sound is the largest online retailer of musical instruments and professional audio equipment in the U.S. Founded more than40 years ago, Sweetwater is headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana — offering the benefits of a business-friendly community while supporting the company’s ’s global reach and influence.

“I think this company would have been successful anywhere, but it speaks a lot about the Ft. Wayne community,” said Alberto. “They’ve really embraced Sweetwater and the way we do business.”

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Alberto describes Sweetwater as having a “very Midwest” way of doing business, focused on hospitality with humble roots. Sweetwater founder Chuck Surack started the business in a van in 1979. With community support, Chuck was able to scale his business to become a musical empire,with the goal of helping people pursue their passions.

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