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Mar 20, 2015

Albanese Confectionery Group

Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc., is a US-based manufacturer of The World's Best Gummies, Gold Label chocolates, freshly roasted nuts, as well as other confections.

The company was founded in 1983 with a real passion and reputation for producing the best food products, resulting in steady and sustainable growth. Albanese Confectionery has only ever used the highest quality U.S. or European food ingredients. In 1997, they embarked upon construction of a new manufacturing facility and entered into the gummie market.

Albanese Confectionery has become renowned for their technical expertise in the use of vitamins, nutraceuticals, and other actives in conjunction with confections. This highly specialized expertise has allowed them to work with many contract manufacturing customers. From formulation through manufacturing, Albanese has become the go-to company in their field.


BETHANY ALBANESE Albanese Confectionery Group Director of Operations and Marketing Manager

Our Gummie Bears

“Compared to other companies that have been operating for 60, 90 or even 100 years, Albanese is still just a baby. It all started in 1998 when we invented a new technology to let more flavor release from gelatins. Then in 2009, when the gummie craze really started, our business spread like wildfire.We sell worldwide now, and you can go into most any store that has candy and find our gummies. You can’t always tell by the packaging, because some of the bigger outlets we supply do their own labeling. But if you look closely at the actual gummie bears and see the letter “A” branded on their bellies, that’s how you know they’re from Albanese. Another way to tell is from the flavor. Getting each flavor to really pop is a big part of what sets us apart from everyone else."

Candy is Food

“Our family thinks of candy making as actually making food. We’re Italians by heritage, and that’s something that Italians are very good at. We take food seriously and we want it to taste good and we want our guests to enjoy it. We treat candy making the same way. For my dad, Scott Albanese, it was all about getting the flavor right. One night when he was still developing our first gummies, he brought home 6 different formulas of each flavor: six different flavors of grape, six of lemon, and so on. We each got to invite a friend to join us, and we sat around my grandmother’s kitchen table and we tried all of them to decide which one was the best. Our friends said, “This is AWESOME! We’re eating candy for dinner!” My dad took our suggestions seriously and he stuck to what we all decided were the best flavors. Looking back, it’s so unique that he trusted us as kids with those decisions, but that kind of a commitment as a family has ultimately been one of the keys to our success. We have a Research & Development team, but we also rely heavily on our experts internally, who are typically the family members and people who have been here for a very long time. If we’re still not sure about a flavor, we’ll make a batch and see how it sells in our retail store. Ultimately we let our customers decide, because they’re always going to tell us exactly what they want."

Bethany Albanese

Gummie Family

“We have an extremely dedicated workforce at Albanese, and we like to have the same commitment to them. When we find a strenuous job that we wouldn’t want to do all day, we automate that process. Then we educate our employees to run that machinery and equipment. If there are extra people that can’t be utilized in that process, we like to promote them in other departments. By utilizing innovation and technology we’re creating new opportunities for our employees and our business. We have people that started with us when they were 15 or 16 years old in our retail store that have grown into management positions. We always tell our new hires that where you end up is all based on you. If you come in, and you’re a leader and you can manage yourself and rally a group of people to be more efficient and better, we’re going to recognize that and pull for you as you continue to grow within our company."

Big and Small

“As our business continues to grow larger, we always want to remain a small company internally.  We want our employees to know us by name.  We all mesh and blend and joke and have nice conversations. It allows everyone the freedom to share ideas. In fact, some of the greatest ideas for things we’ve accomplished as a company have come from our employees. They’re the ones working the actual process every day, and if anyone sees something that isn’t working well or finds a better way of doing things, we look at it seriously and follow through."

Indiana and Albanese

“30 years ago my father, Scott Albanese, came here from Illinois because he knew he wanted his business to be in Indiana.  Part of the reason is because of Indiana’s business-friendly environment, but mainly our business is in Indiana because the workforce is much more dedicated. Hoosiers are loyal.  They’ll start from the beginning and see the opportunity for growth in a business, and they’ll stay and continue to grow with it.  That kind of commitment has made our business grow and it’s something you can’t find just anywhere.  It’s the reason we work so well together, not just as a company, but as a family dedicated to each other, our customers and to making the world’s best gummies and candy.”


Indiana is a state that works because it’s about more than just good business sense. It’s about building something that will last. It’s about the freedom to set our own terms. It’s about the place we call home.

Our state government spent years developing a knack for sound fiscal policy, low taxes and a balanced state budget. It’s one of the main drivers of opportunity and prosperity in Indiana, and it’s earning us a reputation as one of the top U.S. states for business. But until you’ve met some of us who live, work and play here, you only know half our story.

It’s a story about working together to bring innovation to the global marketplace with the same can-do spirit and know-how that has our state leading the nation in manufacturing job growth. It’s a story about leveraging our resources, paying our bills and investing in our future. Most importantly, it’s a story about how we got here, what we want, and why we plan on staying.

These are our stories about how Indiana is a state that works for all of us, told individually, one face, one vision, one accomplishment at a time.