Success in building your workforce depends upon the following factors:

Skills Found in the
Existing Workforce
Education and Training
Resources Available
Work Ethic and Culture
of the People

As the State with the highest density of manufacturing in the nation, a thriving life sciences sector, and a core competency in motorsports, you will be drawing from an experienced workforce with both broad and deep skill sets.

Behind the workforce of Indiana is a system of technical training. Indiana is the first state in the US to begin technical training in its High Schools, which links seamlessly into both technical schools and Universities. Technical workforce training is anchored by Ivy Tech Community College, the nation's largest singly accredited statewide community college system. Ivy Tech offers both standard degrees and certification programs as well as industry specific customized training.

Examples of programs and certifications offered at Ivy Tech include:

Mechanical Engineering
Machine Tool
Industrial Maintenance

Ivy Tech provides not only standard and customized training, but is a key partner in workforce recruitment and workforce skills assessment. Ivy Tech will work with your company from day one until start of production and into the future, supporting your workforce needs through all phases of your business development.

Included among the fifty colleges and universities in Indiana are four of the leading research universities in the United States. These include:

Institute of

#1 ranked School of Engineering in the nation for fourteen years in a row

Purdue University

#10 ranked School of Engineering

Indiana University

#2 ranked Entrepreneurship Program

University of
Notre Dame

#1 ranked Mendoza College of Business in the nation


The only university in the world offering a Masters Program in Motorsports Engineering

Ranked by U.S. News & World Report Magazine

The best trained workforces involve a partnership of industry and educational institutions. The State of Indiana Skills Enhancement Fund is designed to provide funds to support the companies training related expenses.

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