International Relations

Indiana is not only a great place to work; it's also an exciting place to live. Since 1990, Indiana's foreign-born population has increased by almost 100%. This diverse population has created a number of heritage networks and organizations to support international business and lifestyle.

The International Center

For more than 40 years, The International Center has served as a catalyst for Indiana's international growth. Working in collaboration with businesses, organizations, government agencies, educational institutions and individual citizens, The Center expands Indiana's glob al interest in a variety of ways.

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The International School of Indiana (ISI)

As the only private school in the Midwest region providing full language immersion education, the ISI speaks both to Indiana's strong education initiatives and to our openness to the international community. With Kindergarten through grade 12 education in French, Spanish, and Mandarin, your children could emerge from grade school ready to compete globally with full knowledge of a non-native language.

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Indiana German Heritage Society

With 40% of Indiana's population being able to claim German ancestry, Indiana's towns, restaurants, and cultural institutions certainly reflect this heritage. The IGHS works to promote German culture, holidays, university initiatives, sister city programs, and business in Indiana. IGHS acts as a supporter of historical initiatives such as spearheading the Athenaeum museum project to showcase the history of Germans in Indianapolis as well as providing reading sessions by those familiar with old German script for those looking to translate old family or scholarly documents.

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