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Jeron's Story

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Jeron spending time in downtown Indianapolis

Jeron defends the future with Rolls-Royce.

Today, more Rolls-Royce products are produced in Indianapolis than anywhere else in the world. The company recently completed a $600 million investment at its Indianapolis plant, marking its largest investment in the U.S. in 25 years. This technology innovator thrives in our community of highly-skilled engineers and manufacturing professionals.

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“We're always looking for that next opportunity,” Jeron said. “We're always looking to develop that next piece of technology — always looking forward.”

Our world is always changing, along with the technology we depend on to keep us safe every day. As Vice President of Sales at Rolls Royce Defense, Jeron Peoples works from Indianapolis to build a safer, more secure world protected by groundbreaking defense technology.

Jeron serves as the liaison between business development and the engineers at Rolls-Royce. Whether it's for the Air Force, Navy, Army, or even NASA, Jeron and his team are focused on meeting customers’ needs today and in the future.

“What I hope for my career here at Rolls-Royce is to be able to do legacy-building work,” Jeron said. “That's what really brings a smile to my face and keeps me happy every day I wake up.”

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Your idea. Your impact. Your Success.

Year after year, challenge after challenge, innovation after groundbreaking innovation, you take on the unexpected to achieve your vision. From across the world, you bring your ideas here, and together, we bring them to life.

Here, you can be resilient. You can lean into the next opportunity, no matter what obstacles lie ahead. You can make your own distinctive mark on the future. And you can do it in a place you might have never expected. Ready to take your ideas further, with people who can help you get there?

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Take Your Ideas Further In A State Where Innovation Goes Further

Indiana competes with and often outperforms larger, more expensive markets when it comes to bringing new ideas to life. These emerging breakthroughs and success stories from Indiana rival what’s coming out of any coastal city that's traditionally considered an innovation hub. Indiana is a promising place to live and grow a business, and we want to help you succeed here.

Find your next step in a State Where Innovation Goes Further. Our business community has what it takes to help you to bring your biggest ideas to life.

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