Skills Enhancement Fund



The Skills Enhancement Fund (SEF) provides assistance to businesses to support training and upgrading skills of employees required to support new capital investment. The grant may be provided to reimburse a portion (typically 50%) of eligible training costs over a period of two full calendar years from the commencement of the project.




Eligible training expenses include all expenses associated with employee training except:

• Orientation related to new hires

• Safety training (OSHA)




Each project will be evaluated on its individual merits and with a cost-benefit analysis after it has met the basic requirements as follows:

• Training cost is used to support new capital investment in Indiana

• Training cost is used to support the retention or creation of full-time, permanent jobs for Indiana residents at the project location

• Training cost is eligible, supports the purpose of the fund, and meets all requirements as set forth in I.C. 5-28-7




Upon execution of a training grant contract with IEDC, the business will be required to report for every calendar year during the term of the contract which is approximately seven years.


Information Required:

• Summary statistics relating to training, training expenses and capital investment that occur in the applicable year

• Individual employee data to support contractual employment thresholds

• Training expense information and data supporting the positions trained will be required for each payment request


Fact Sheet

Skills Enhancement Fund