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Feb 09, 2015


With lower business costs and regulations, one of the most productive steel regions in the world, and solidly placed near the logistical center of the United States, Indiana is a state that works for Rolls-Royce. It’s the reason they built a $42 million advanced manufacturing facility here to produce the next generation of jet engine components for the global market. It’s also the reason that after 100-year presence in the United States, Indiana is the largest manufacturing site for Rolls-Royce civil aero engines outside the United Kingdom.

NATHAN HARRIS Rolls-Royce Senior Operations Manager and Hoosier since 2002



Greatest Career Milestone

“Working my way from 2nd shift floor team leader to being a Sr. Manager over manufacturing and running my own business/area within the plant. The opportunity showed that when you are willing to dream big enough and to work hard enough, eventually the opportunity will present itself. The achievement was more about the people who helped me throughout my career than it was about me. The ability to glean so much information from so many talented co-workers has been one of the biggest assets to my career progression.”

Most Influential Person

“My dad, Nathan Harris. He was a hard worker, intelligent, charismatic and dedicated person. He believed in the importance of having a strong education while also supporting me in all of my interests. He instilled in me the value of embracing all people and taught me about the power of sacrificing to ensure the next generation can be successful. His motto was, if someone did it before you, then you can achieve it too, no matter how hard the task may seem.”

Career Path

“Living in Indiana for the past 12 years has produced the best for me. Early on in my career I changed companies every 3 or so years due to a strong need for new and innovative things. With Rolls-Royce in Indiana, I established a place that I could truly call home while building a career at a company with a diverse portfolio that has allowed me to meet my goal of tackling innovative and challenging assignments.”

Nate Harris

Family Life

“My wife and I enjoy employment at two of the city’s largest employers. Both have provided great opportunities for us to grow professionally in Indiana. On a personal level, this has been a great environment to settle in and to raise a family in. My kids love everything about being here-the weather, the cultural opportunities, the diversity of people within the state.”

Maximizing Potential

“There are so many companies here moving forward to grow the technologies of tomorrow for the next generation of Hoosiers to come. From professional to personal growth, this has proven to be a great place to live. Being surrounded by top notch education institutions has allowed Indiana and Rolls-Royce to create a pipeline of future leaders, further ensuring the continued success of business growth within our area.”


Indiana is a state that works because it’s about more than just good business sense. It’s about building something that will last. It’s about the freedom to set our own terms. It’s about the place we call home.

Our state government spent years developing a knack for sound fiscal policy, low taxes and a balanced state budget. It’s one of the main drivers of opportunity and prosperity in Indiana, and it’s earning us a reputation as one of the top U.S. states for business. But until you’ve met some of us who live, work and play here, you only know half our story.

It’s a story about working together to bring innovation to the global marketplace with the same can-do spirit and know-how that has our state leading the nation in manufacturing job growth. It’s a story about leveraging our resources, paying our bills and investing in our future. Most importantly, it’s a story about how we got here, what we want, and why we plan on staying.

These are our stories about how Indiana is a state that works for all of us, told individually, one face, one vision, one accomplishment at a time.